Since 2006, dedicated volunteers have been a key part of fulfilling our mission at Niños de Guatemala. Volunteers get to experience Guatemala first-hand while doing good for the local communities. We welcome you into our Volunteer Program!

Volunteer Work Options

English Teacher Assistant (assist the English teacher with our Double Immersion Program), Classroom Assistant (assist the teacher with daily tasks and support the Double Immersion Program by speaking lots of English with our students), Art or Sport Workshops (organize and plan your own workshop in the schools), Tutor (help students that need one-on-one attention)

Everything you need to know about Volunteering at NDG

Schools hours are from 7.30AM – 12.30PM. Workshops and tuturing takes place in the afternoon (2-4PM). Most of our volunteers combine volunteering in the school in the mornings with studying Spanish in our Spanish school in the afternoon, all our volunteers receive a discount on classes.

A special time of year to volunteer is in November, when Summer Camp takes place. Summer Camp gets our students ready for the new school year in January. Summer Camp is all about fun, educative activities, including extra Computing and English classes and sport and art workshops.

Volunteer Work is not available during the whole year, as our students need a break every once in a while too! Schools will be closed in Holy Week “Semana Santa” (April 14th-April 21st) and School Holidays: July (June 24th – July 1st), October (full month), December (full month).

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I had an amazing experience with Niños de Guatemala. Really, a life changing one. Not exaggerating. The people I worked with, the organization itself, the accommodation, the school, the kids, just everything. It opened my heart. Definitely recommend this one!!!

Elise Spetter / NL

I had the best time volunteering with NDG! Everyone was great, dedicated and motivated to help and made sure that the time and donations reach those who need it the most: the kids! The organization makes a big difference in the kids’ lives and I was really happy to be a part of it!

Dora Schon / DE

I have had the pleasure to volunteer many months with NDG both in their Antigua offices and their Ciudad Vieja school. It is a team of passionate, dedicated and hardworking individuals who successfully provide a lasting educational impact to hundreds of children and teens, and by extension, stability to their families. The organization is growing and I can’t wait to see the advances they make in their second decade, both for the communities they operate in and for themselves as they evolve from start-up to scale-up mode as an organization. Congratulations!

Rebecca Malkin / US

If you have any questions about the volunteer program, please send us a message!