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What we do

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01What we do

We partner with the local community: our teachers, principals and country director are Guatemalan and we partner with people from all over the world.

02Why Guatemala?

In Guatemala, education is technically free and required through primary school. Although education is provided by the government, students are still required to pay for uniforms, books, supplies, and transportation, making access to education more difficult and, in many cases, impossible. Less than 45% of all Guatemalan children continue their education after primary school. At Niños de Guatemala, over 90% of elementary school students move on to middle school.

03What difference are we making

To address the issue of quality education within its schools, Niños de Guatemala educates over 500 children a year across its three schools. NDG works to offer quality education to its students so they will be prepared to continue their education. In addition to an advanced curriculum, NDG also focuses on the well-being of each student through the Family Support and Nutrition and Health Programs. Ensuring that the mental and physical needs of the students are taken care of allows for students to focus in the classroom and dedicate their full attention to their studies.

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