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Corporate Volunteering

Niños de Guatemala / Corporate Volunteering
Does your business want to make a difference supporting a good cause like education? Would you like to offer your employees the chance to get out of the office, stretch their legs and do something meaningful that gives back to their community?

Niños de Guatemala believes that corporate volunteering is a meaningful and impactful way for companies to make a difference in Guatemala. By engaging your employees in corporate volunteering they will become more conscious of the world’s most pressing issues and in this specific case of the reality of vulnerable communities and education in Guatemala, it is also an effective way of team building, and most importantly it gives an opportunity to recharge and sustain a healthy workforce.

Volunteer Work options vary from classroom assistance, workshops, painting or remodeling some areas of our school to helping out in our kitchen. We can tailor a program that meets your needs and will be of benefit of NDG.

If you own a business or are a representative who wants to be part of our corporate volunteer program in Guatemala, feel free to send us an email at