Sofia’s Story

My name is Sofia. I am a fourteen year old student in the sixth grade at El Porvenir. I have six brothers and sisters. My two older brothers didn’t receive any education and I can see a big difference between us. Illiterate parents

My parents are illiterate – they can’t read or write. When they need to sign forms for school, they can’t. They can’t help me with my homework, and they can’t read to my little sisters before bedtime. Since I’ve been going to school, and learning how to read and write, I’ve been able to help them.


Dreaming of becoming a teacher

My mother prepares food at home that I sell on the street after I finish my classes. She wanted to withdraw my sisters and me from school so we could spend more time working to support the family. My mom did actually withdraw us, but I kept going every day anyway until she gave us permission to stay in school. I am really proud of myself for fighting for what I believe in and for continuing my education. My dream is to become a primary school teacher so I can support my family and do what I love to do. Being able to go to school provides a lot of opportunities. I now know that there is a whole world outside of my community that I would love to explore.

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