Gracie’s Story

My name is Gracie. I am 17 and I started attending Básico middle school when I was 14. After finishing primary school, I stopped going to school because my family couldn’t afford the costs involved. During this time, I helped my mom clean houses. When my mom noticed a new secondary school was being built in our town for low income families, she told me right away that I should go back to school.

Becoming the leaders of tomorrow

I feel that young people like me can change Guatemala for the better, because we will become the leaders of tomorrow. We can fight discrimination, poverty, and the inequality between different social classes and make a change for the better. I will fight for my future and the future of my family, because I know how difficult it is to live in poverty.

Everyone is created equal

I believe that everyone is created equal and that we all have the right to study because an education makes you a better person and gives you a chance at a better future. I share what I learn at school with my mother every day, so she learns the same things as I do. Together we’ve learned what her rights are as an employee and this has helped her a lot in her workplace.


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